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Infographic: 7 steps to Achieve Service Excellence

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Franck Louveau

Consultant - Service DNA at EHL Advisory Services

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A large percentage of business success stems from how a customer is made to feel, not just how happy they are with their purchase or service.

In today’s experience economy, customers not only value but expect exceptional service – and they will reward or punish for the quality of how they are served with their spending choices.


    7 Steps to Service Excellence

    1- Dig into Your Customer Behavior

    What is your customer saying about the service delivery of your brand?

    2- Make Customer Focus Part of Your Culture

    Because service is often intangible and cannot be measured, excuses are found not to fight for it.

    3- Hire with Service Excellence in Mind

    As a customer-focused business, your employees must live and breathe your company values.

    4- Set-up Customer-focus Governance

    Effective customer-experience efforts need to be uniquely cross-functional.

    5- Set Customer Service Goals

    Service excellence goals set the stage for your long-term strategy, helping you maintain an excellent relationship with your existing customers, and foster meaningful relationships with new ones.

    6- Equip Your Employees to Deliver on Excellence

    Documenting the standards is not enough.

    7- Measure Your Performance

    How do you know if your customer service is living up to customer expectations?.

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